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If you would prefer to take the DIY approach with your wooden shutters, we can certainly supply you with shutters made according to your measurements and issue measure guides and fitting instructions.

There is no standard way of fitting shutters and they can be fitted in a number of different ways. One of the most common ways adopted in the UK is to fit the shutters inside the reveal, however, to install the shutters on the edge of, or outside the reveal, are also methods which are acceptable.

These days, frames are extensively being used with shutters and they do offer some benefits. However, UK housing stock - whether old or new – is normally brick, block and plastered. The plastering is never completely straight and you may find that batten fitting is more suitable for out-of-shape openings. Frames were primarily devised for the US market and specifically for timber frame homes which are usually straighter.

In the past, the key difference between frames and battens was the hiding of magnetic catches holding your shutters straight. Nowadays most companies fit these with hidden magnets as standard, even in the header strip battens. Basically it is just a different look.

Venetian Shutters now offer an inside mount L frame which can be planed to take out some of the curve in the walls. However, if this is severe, it may actually be better to use battens to hide this to some extent although they will never straighten out your walls entirely.